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‎Shaun G.

As far as buying a car goes, this was my best experience ever. No pressure, fair prices and the after sale service has been brilliant. It's hard to find a car dealer you can trust, but Lane is one of the good ones​


Holly C.

Amelia Auto Mart defines quality, service and professionalism. I purchased my car from AAM and have taken my car there for repair. Mr. Mashburn and his staff did everything possible to resolve the issue at a reasonable price. They think about the customer, and I highly recommend Amelia Auto Mart to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle or to find a reputable workshop for maintenance and repair. Great people



Eric C. to Nassau County, Florida... Rants, Raves, and Reviews

September 7 at 8:53pm · 

Rave: Amelia Auto Mart and Lane F. Mashburn. I bought a car there in July - 42,500 miles on a 2009 automobile. A couple weeks later I have a blow out. Lane hears about it and offers to buy me a new tire or even help me come deal with it. I decline because a) I bought a used car and these things happen, and b) I'm all the way down in Tampa. A couple months pass and I drop in today to have my oil changed. When I go to pick it up he remembers the tire and refuses my payment three different times before I finally give up and accept his kind gesture. That's a class act right there. I'll be happy to be a future customer as long as he'll have me. Y'all call him if you need a used car. If he doesn't have what you need, he will get it and then treat you right when he does. 



Eric B. left a review for Amelia Auto Mart!

5 out of 5 stars - The car was worth the 555 mile one way drive but the people there were worth a whole lot more. I would go back to have dinner with them. Felt like family.